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Guitar players are always going for broke to find a sound that is unique from other players, with custom-wound tones that bring new and inspiring experiences to listeners. Now, thanks to BiPolar Pickups and our patent-pending split-coil design, you can easily infuse your tunes with a fresh twist on electric tonal variations that’s never been achieved before. 

“I tried these BiPolar Pickups in a strat. They have amazing chime and brightness to them. They sound full bodied and I was surprised by the clarity, you can hear every note clearly. The array of sounds you get are completely different to what you would expect with a strat. All you need is a tube scream clean channel and you can get the best tones I have heard in years. They are so much fun and versatile, don’t expect your regular strat tones. You will get that and more. It is great to see something completely different on the market that works.”  

Thomas Duffy, musician 

Quality Pickups. Period.

We build custom-wound traditional pickups and these scatter wound pickups because we were tired of the same old tones from our instruments. Whether you're looking for a new, high-quality pickup or something to make you stand out, we are here to make your dreams come true. We thought it would be cool to add a warm, organic feel to our clean and lead tones with options for some extra crazy thickness and different mixes, like the low-end tone of the neck pickup with a little more bite from the middle or bridge treble. We also wanted to blend the middle treble with the bridge bass. The result of all this daydreaming means you can do all this and more, and not just on stratocasters... 

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BiPolar pickups can be installed on any electric guitar with three single coil pick-up configurations. They’re pre-wired and ready to go, whether you choose to install the coils and the superswitch yourself or purchase our pickups with pickguards. Our goal from the beginning has always been to provide a product that requires as little work on your end as possible, so all you have to do is plug in and play.

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Take a look at the YouTube channel Darrell Braun Guitar for a
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a few of the combinations in action. Learn first-hand how the 
big sound from our mini-coils are blowing the minds of industry professionals. 

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