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The origin story of our custom guitar pickups

Okay, so how did we come up with the idea for these crazy custom guitar pickups in the first place? It all started when S&S Winding Founder, Scott Smith, was talking pickups with a guitar buddy during a jam session one day. The question came up, “Why couldn't you split the coils for a half and half effect?”

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Custom Pickups for Strats, Telecasters & More

That was 10 years ago, and since then Scott has dove into the world of an inventor. With a background in IT and as an electric guitar player, it didn't make sense not to give it a shot. Ozzy Osbourne hadn’t returned his call either, and with a daughter on the way, this was plan b. A bit of an insane plan b, but Scott knew it was an idea that had legs and he wanted to see how far it could go.

The journey wasn’t always easy, and along the way Scott had to invent the equipment needed to manufacture his invention, but his trail blazing was eventually rewarded when the first patent pending pickups went to market.


"Musicians dig it"

“There’s a certain sense of pride in knowing I took wire and magnets and turned it into something that other musicians can dig. It makes all the frustration and sacrifice worth it.” 

- Scott Smith

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Founder Scott Smith

Musician, Inventor,
Genius-Idea Generator

As a 35+ year musician, Scott lives in Dalton, Georgia just a few hours' drive from Atlanta, one of America’s music staples. Scott left a career in IT to focus on his business while raising his 12-year-old daughter. Although he’s left the stage life behind, he still likes to noodle on his guitars in a collection that includes two Fender strats, two Paul Reed Smiths, and a Jackson.

The bipolar mini-coils feature two poles, with a north and south on each magnet.
Their polar opposite design led to the name BiPolar Pickups.

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