Product Questions

Here are common questions about our products, their uses, and options.

Yes, we have a vast amount of color options to choose from. Just specify what other color you want during checkout if it's not listed as an option.

Yes, in all 5 positions for the Stratocaster version. The Telecaster version of our pickups is not humbucking.

Each set shipped comes with diagrams and instructions for installation. Whether you order the fully loaded pickguard or just the plug-n-play telecaster, our diagrams and instructions will come in your order.

Yes, although the BiPolar Pickups is our brand, we do offer full custom project services for whatever your needs are.

Yes, we can help with custom projects or other types of pickups for different instruments.

Shipping & Fees

Here are answered questions about our shipping details and methods.

Yes, we ship anywhere in the world. There is a small up charge for shipping outside of the United States.

The prices reflected include all of the pickups needed for your instrument along with our super switch. Each pickups set comes pre-wired for installation.