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Sound unique while 
keeping your edge!

These hand-wound electric guitar pickups are for people who are tired of sounding like everyone else. On an off the shelf Fender stratocaster or telecaster, you’ll only ever sound a certain way, with limited combinations to choose from. But with BiPolar Pickups you get double the combos for powerful tone on all ends of the spectrum.

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Custom Pickups for Strats, Telecasters & More

Our custom pickups make it possible to set yourself apart, whether you’re looking to stand out in band tryouts, push the envelope on what you can achieve with your electric guitar, or put on a stage performance to remember. No matter the ax, these are designed for any electric guitar with three single coil pickup configurations. BiPolar Pickups can be installed quickly and easily with no wiring required.

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"Love love love the tone"

“I'm blown away, these pickups are so full of sound. Love love love the tone. I can’t wait to take this guitar around St. Luis and let others play it. I know it’s going to turn some heads.”

- Thomas Duffy, musician

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How they work

With a two-coil design technology, we’re splitting the pickups into six halves rather than three wholes. This means new and dynamic guitar positions you can’t get off the rack, like turning on half the neck and half the bridge. The superswitch that comes with our pickups offers as many different switching options as possible without losing that classic and distinct electric guitar feel we know and love.

Not only have we achieved a product not seen or heard of before, we also developed the equipment to bring it to market. This was no easy journey, but the results of our efforts are something we at S&S Winding couldn’t be prouder of—we're guitar players after all, and what we created is the solution to a problem we were facing as musicians.

Check out BiPolar
tones in the studio

Bipolar clean tone

The best a Strat can offer while giving you a little extra in the lows and highs, allowing your tone to stand out on the stage or in the studio.


Crazy thickness while preserving your high-end tone to cut through the mix!

Scatter wound coils

Musicians know there’s a premium on imperfection in scatter wound coils. That’s because, when the copper wire passes through a human hand, a connection is formed and a certain mojo is imparted (this is true, it’s science!)

In all seriousness, every pickup we make is different, with slight variations in tone, because the tonality of the wire is affected by things like grip tension and speed of the winder, and placement of the wire on the bobbin as it is wrapped.

The Result

Strat tones with a twist! If you play with a lot of gain, these will offer you a huge advantage because they are noiseless in all five positions with no 60-cycle hum. The neck and bridge position alone will give you the best a Stratocaster has to offer, with lots of body and chime, along with tons of cutting high end with reinforced low end.

Find out more about the diverse positions and sounds
of BiPolar Pickups in the demo video below

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