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Customers been saying about Bipolar Pickups?

"Love love love the tone"

“I'm blown away, these pickups are so full of sound. Love love love the tone. I can’t wait to take this guitar around St. Luis and let others play it. I know it’s going to turn some heads.”

- Thomas Duffy, musician

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“Here is definitely something I've never experienced before! These pickups are a really amazing idea that actually work in the real world! This is definitely not something you see everyday!”

-Darrell Braun, musician

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The Best a Strat has to offer!

"Lots of tonally different options you've never been able to hear on a strat!"


Real People. Real Players.


"These pickups absolutely rock!"

Our custom pickups make it possible to set yourself apart, whether you’re looking to stand out in band tryouts, push the envelope on what you can achieve with your electric guitar, or put on a stage performance to remember.

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"The G&L went from being a very sweet Stratocaster sounding beastie to a very pretty jazzy ice Queen Telecaster!"

BiPolar Pickups Customer, Lee Barnes

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tones in the studio

Bipolar clean tone

The best a Strat can offer while giving you a little extra in the lows and highs, allowing your tone to stand out on the stage or in the studio.


Crazy thickness while preserving your high-end tone to cut through the mix!

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of BiPolar Pickups below

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